Sidereus Nuncius

Sidereus Nuncius
Sidereus Nuncius is a short astronomical treatise published in New Latin by Galileo Galilei in March 1610. It was the first published scientific work based on observations made through a telescope, and it contains the results of Galileo's early observations of the imperfect and mountainous Moon, the hundreds of stars that were unable to be seen in either the Milky Way or certain constellations with the naked eye, and the Medicean Stars that appeared to be circling Jupiter. The Latin word nuncius was typically used during this time period to denote messenger; however, it was also rendered as message. Though the title Sidereus Nuncius is usually translated into English as Sidereal Messenger, many of Galileo's early drafts of the book and later related writings indicate that the intended purpose of the book was "simply to report the news about recent developments in astronomy, not to pass himself off solemnly as an ambassador from heaven." Therefore, the correct English translation of the title is Sidereal Message. A copy of the original edition is a valuable rare book and as of December 2010 has sold at auction for USD $662,500, including premium. Διαβάστε περισσότερα...

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